Auto Shutdown Pro II

Auto Shutdown Pro II 4.5

It's a powerful management tool for scheduling multiple events

Auto Shutdown Pro II is a powerful application that allows you to automate various tasks on your computer. The program is capable of performing many different tasks: shutting down the computer, restarting it, locking, sleeping, hibernating, logging off, and so on. It also offers users an option of scheduling the automatic opening of specific files or cleaning unneeded junk (temporary files).

Auto Shutdown Pro II is especially effective if you intend to save money on energy bills by limiting the unneeded usage of your computer. You can make use of this handy tool and make the computer turn the power off automatically when it’s no longer used, and stop it from consuming energy uselessly.

Though it’s a comprehensive program that comes with a lot of features and functions, Auto Shutdown Pro II is not so difficult to use. On the contrary, it has got simple-to-use and intuitive interface. Even complete beginners can handle it well. Auto ShutdonPro II can be conveniently operated from the system tray.

To sum it all up, Auto Shutdown Pro II is an impressive software program that is both powerful and easy-to-understand. It can prove its functionality in a lot of situations and it is definitely worth a try.

Margie Smeer
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